Russia’s Plans Have Collapsed! Putin’s Spy Was Caught!

Russian agents, who were on the agenda even before the war Dec broke out between Ukraine and Russia and froze the world’s blood with their actions, are back on the agenda with the outbreak of war. Ukraine’s role in the War the Russian agent captured in England, one of its greatest allies, caused panic.

The ‘Putin spy’ was arrested at Gatwick Airport in the UK. The man accused of working for the Kremlin against the UK, he got caught ‘trying to leave the country’ following an anti-terrorism and MI5 investigation and is currently being held under surveillance. UK counterterrorism officials and MI5 believe that the captured man may have spied for Putin. The suspected agent was detained while trying to board a flight from the UK and was taken to Hammersmith police station by officers last night. The arrest of the spy took place as a result of a joint investigation conducted by the SO15 anti-terrorism unit of the British police and MI5, the UK’s local intelligence and security organization.

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