Russians Should Be Ashamed! Putin Is Blackmailing

Welcome to the Cla news channel. The repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war continue to be felt in all areas. It seems that Ukraine will not be the only country affected by this war outside the war zone. The world is facing a major food crisis in the wake of the invading Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. As is known, Ukraine is a country that exports a significant amount of grain to the world. However, the Russian attacks in the country have also prevented the export of this grain. US secretary of state Antony Blinken also blamed Russia for this and said that Putin was blackmailing the west Blinken spoke about the agricultural crisis that arose with these accusations. As is known, the invading Russian forces captured some of the most fertile agricultural land in Ukraine.

Blinken stated that the Russian blockade prevented 20 million tons of wheat stored in silos and ships near Odessa from leaving Odessa, “Russian forces have seized some of the most fertile agricultural land in Ukraine. They planted explosives on vehicles, destroyed vital agricultural infrastructure,” he said. On the other hand, there are reliable reports that, as we have seen, Russia has usurped Ukraine’s grain exports, not allowing those products to come out for its own benefit,“ Minister Blinken said, referring to one of the leading newspapers. We know that Russian President Vladimir Putin blocked the shipment of food and also aggressively used the propaganda machine to throw responsibility over it. Because he hopes that the world will bow to him and then lift the sanctions. In other words, he is blackmailing quite simply,”he said. “We cannot wait for President Putin to do the right thing,” Blinken said, noting that the Kremlin administration is taking the pain and hunger beyond Ukraine by blocking the export of agricultural products, and the effects of the food crisis, especially on Africa.

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