Russians are Confused! Biggest Challenge to Russia in History Will Take Place!

NATO’s exercise in Sweden with 16 allied Dec, including Turkey, begins tomorrow. Warships and soldiers of NATO member states have reached the Swedish capital Stockholm. The participation of allied countries in the exercise, as well as Sweden and Finland, caused comments of ‘intimidation to Russia’. ‘Baltops 22’, one of the largest exercises to be held by NATO in the Baltic Sea region, starts tomorrow.

Dec June 5-7, 45 ships, 75 fighter jets and about 7 thousand personnel will take part in the exercise, which will be held. The exercise, which NATO will intimidate Russia with, will include amphibious operations, combat against submarines, air defense, demining, explosive ordnance disposal, as well as diving and rescue operations. April March and April, NATO also organized another exercise called ‘Cold Response 2022’ in Norway, and NATO allies, as well as soldiers from Sweden and Finland, participated in the exercise. the exercise, which was attended by 30 thousand soldiers from 27 countries, attracted attention with the rapprochement of Finland and Sweden to NATO.

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