Russian terrible Error! Putin destroyed his own soldiers

While the war in Ukraine continued at full speed, it was claimed that Russian troops were targeting their own soldiers in friendly fire. Russian soldiers burned to death after the attack using a firearm, and wrote a letter of thanks to Russia for the Ukrainian army’s ‘help’. The world’s eyes and ears have been on the news from Ukraine for weeks… As the war between the Russian and Ukrainian armies continued at full speed in the eastern parts of the country, a British press claim came to attention. The British daily Mirror has taken the Russian army to the page of the friendly fire killing their own soldiers.

The incident in Zaporizhzhya included the use of firearms and the burning death of soldiers. Another British newspaper Express has announced the news to its readers via the title ‘friendly fire fiasco’. According to reports based on a Ukrainian source, on 8 may, a Russian contingent opened friendly fire on their positions. The attack, using the TOS-1A firearms, indicated that Russian armored was also a target, but no clear information was shared about the loss of troops. The Ukrainian army, ’97, issued a letter about the incident. The leadership of the Infantry Battalion expressed satisfaction with Russian invaders’ actions on 8 may 2022 and was thanked the Russians for their ‘help’.

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