Russian Tanks were Pinned Down in the Gardens! They were looking for a Place to Escape

Russia’s invasion attempt against Ukraine has left 2 months behind. Despite all the sanctions Russia has imposed on Ukraine he’s waging a war against it. There are also reports of casualties in the area, where there have been numerous clashes and shelling. According to the latest statement by the General Staff of Ukraine, the Russian army is on the date of the start of the war from February 24 as of 29, he announced that he had lost 50 thousand soldiers. And the figures released by Russia show that this number is less. An attack by Ukrainian drones after Russian tanks were spotted in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine edited. Russian tanks panicked over the attack, looking for a place to hide.

One of the tanks was seen entering the garden of a house and trying to hide in a wooded area. The soldiers who came out of it desperately wanted to escape, but could not. Tanks went up in flames after the attack.

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