Russian soldiers want to get rid of Putin!

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, the unrest of Russia, especially within the army, is growing. The wave of rebellion, which has taken place at the top of the army, is spreading further and further down, and soldiers are using surprising methods to escape the front. The Kiev intelligence agency listened to a phone call between Russian soldiers. The meeting witnessed the debate of failed efforts to escape the front line. Yesterday, the Ukrainian intelligence agency announced that Russian troops in Ukraine are trying to fake marriages as one of a series of deceit to return to Russia and home. The Ukrainian intelligence service published a phone call between a suspected Russian soldier and his friend discussing his acquaintances’ failed attempts to leave Ukraine.

It was heard that the unidentified soldier said, “there is no choice: You will be injured, you will die, or there is an official restraining order.” The man said his fellow soldiers tried all the options. The soldier decided that a fake marriage could be a solution. “Can you go to the register and give my girlfriend a marriage certificate?” he said in a phone call full of abuses. He says and says, “No way. This is not an option” As Ukraine enters its fourth month of invasion by Russia, it appears there are signs that moral motivation has been steadily diminished among Russian troops who desperately want to leave Ukraine.

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