Russian soldiers are Doing a Big Wrong!

The Russian invaders have destroyed the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear station in Europe, located in the Ukrainian city of Energodar he uses it as a base. Ignoring the nuclear threat that could affect the entire world, Russian soldiers deployed weapons to the nuclear power plant he shoots at settlements near the power plant. National Nuclear Power Plant of Ukraine In a statement from the Energy Production Enterprise Energoatom, it was noted that the Russian occupation forces have adopted all norms related to nuclear and radiation safety, and it was emphasized that he sarcastically violated the requirements, while “Russian soldiers, 1 of the Zaporijjya Nuclear Power Plant. to the engine room of the power unit it deployed 14 pieces of heavy military equipment, ammunition, other weapons and explosives.

Heavy equipment and its arsenal are currently working on the operation of the turbogenerator it is located very close to the equipment that provides it. In the immediate vicinity of the main oil tank with combustible oil cooling the steam turbine. it was called “. However, it should be noted that the invaders, their military equipment, special fire trucks, 1. that it makes it impossible for the power unit to access the control room “Because of this, the risk of fire increases many times, and it becomes extremely difficult to extinguish it,” the statement said. Due to an accidental explosion of ammunition, a if a fire occurs, a disaster of the magnitude experienced at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant may occur.” the statements were used.

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