Russian military convoy stationed near Kyiv

No safe zone

Satellite images obtained by a US company show that a large Russian military convoy has been deployed to new positions near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Along with the news of the redeployment of the Russian military convoy comes the news that Russian forces in Ukraine are attacking new targets in different regions of the country:

A small airport aircraft engine factory in Lutsk, located in the northwest, was targeted.
Explosions also targeted small airports in Ivano-Frankivsk in the southwest, according to Russian defense officials.
It was reported that one person was killed in the air strikes in Dnipro, in the middle east of Ukraine.

No safe zone

The air raid alarm went off at 4:30 am and was heard for over three hours. Now we have learned that the danger is real.

District officials say three airstrikes hit a shoe factory, an apartment and a kindergarten.

There are many heavy industry facilities and even a missile factory in the city. A metal shop near it was hit, but no known military target was hit.

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