Russian Army’s last 24-hour loss shocks Putin!

Russia continues to suffer serious losses, according to the Ukrainian defense ministry, reflecting reports that Ukraine has made a strong defense and has shown a serious stand against Russia. The loss of 100 soldiers in the last day of the Russian army has caused a great loss of morale in the Russian army. From the soldiers of the Russian army, after giving so many losses since the beginning of the war, there are reactions that he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Putin suffered serious military equipment losses in the last 24 hours, except for the loss of troops. Russian Land Forces have lost 5 tanks, 4 cannons and 8 armored vehicles. Russia also has suffered serious losses in air strikes ,3 drones, 1 fighter planes, 1 helicopters, 1 air defense systems and 3 cruise missiles have also been destroyed. War analysts say that if Ukraine presides on its courage, “Putin will openly step back because of his losses”.

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