RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR Alas! Ukraine explained its disaster scenario

Entering the seventh week in the Ukrainian war, the Russian army still does not have a major victory at its disposal. On the contrary, Russian troops withdrew from 3 fronts, including Kiev.

Russia is in severe economic and political isolation. But Putin has no intention to stop the new goal increased military mobility in the Donbas region in the east of Ukraine. According to the ministry of defense of Ukraine, active battles may begin soon. Donbas is located in the east of Ukraine. Donetsk and Luhansk are located here, where the separatists have declared independence on the one hand. Russia is preparing a massive offensive to seize the entire region.

Russian troops in the Donbas and separatists are being resupplied. Currently, there are about 40,000 Russian troops in Donbass. The number is expected to increase to 3 times.

The big 1 offensive operation has not started yet, but the Russian army, advancing from village to village under incessant fire in Donetsk and Luhansk, is also hitting civilian settlements. Donbas neighbor Kharkov is a critical point because Russian soldiers want to attack the don base not only from the south and east, but also from Kharkov in the north. That is why a military convoy consisting of hundreds of vehicles was sent to the city.

The other critical point in the Donbass war is Mariupol, this is the main port city in the eastern region. If Russia seizes moreopole, which it has been besieging for about 7 weeks, Russian forces from Crimea will gain a logistical advantage. Thus, it will be easier to encircle the Ukrainian force in the Donbas. When Donbass is captured, a black corridor will be established extending from moreopol, Crimea and Donbass to Russian territory. However, Russia risks getting bogged down in the Donbass. Because the most experienced soldiers of the Ukrainian army are fighting here. Putin’s new 1 is critical to preventing failure. he made 1 assignment. Russian general Aleksander Dvornikov, who helped change the course of the Syrian war, was put at the head of the Russian forces in Ukraine. Dvornikov, also called the butcher of Aleppo, is known for his brutal military operations against civilians. The United States warns that the Russian military may repeat the brutal tactics resorted to by the Syrian and Buça in Donbass as well.

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