Russia kidnapped the President of the Council!

Russian squatters have been continuing their illegal detainment and abduction attempts in Crimea since 2014, and in occupied areas of Ukraine since February 2022. The Russian forces, which have not stopped targeting civilians, have kidnapped Artur Yarevskiy, the student council president of Tavriya State Agricultural Technology University, in Zaporijjya, which is temporarily occupied by Russia.

The Ukrainian Student Union announced on 11 June 2022 that the hijacking of Tavriya State Agriculture Technology University Nogay School of Vocational School Student Council President Artur Yarosevskiy has been announced. He reported that the invaders took Yarosevskiy from his home to question him and then searched his home and confiscated his valuables. The whereabouts of the student the occupational forces have been missing are not yet known. In Energodar last week, the Russian army was known to have kidnapped about 20 civilians, including 11 employees of the Zaporijjya nuclear plant. On the other hand, as of June 9, 2022, 321 civilians were taken hostage by invaders. 200 of them have been released and 121 of them continue to be held hostage.

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