Russia is preparing to attack Poland! The invaders don’t stop!

After Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, Poland has also been protected by NATO, providing open support for Kiev. NATO has been reported to have had arms assistance against possible Russian attacks on Poland. Speaking to Russian media and saying they cannot be indifferent to the situation, Tyapkin said, “of course, we will not be mindful of the NATO group’s intensification in Poland. Our answer will be proportional and in place as usual. We will neutralize potential threats to the security of the Russian Federation.” he did. “They chose to eliminate diplomatic infrastructure altogether” “As for the political situation, I say we always believe that there is no problem in our bilateral relations with Poland that cannot be solved. We have regularly brought this to the attention of our partners in Warsaw.

With a little more common sense, we stated that less ideological bias is sufficient so that things will go slowly and smoothly. Unfortunately, since 2014, our Polish partners have been deafly approaching the proposal to solve the problem with such a formula. They chose to completely eliminate the diplomatic infrastructure that has been built for many years.” he said.

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