Russia Is On the Verge of a Historic Defeat! The Invader Putin Is Sad

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has Dec numerous lives and a lot of material losses. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians lost their lives one by one, while the country turned into a ruin. On the one hand, the war that began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine actually hurt Russia itself the most. The Russian administration, which experienced a great disappointment, was shaken by a statistic that it had never expected. British military officials continue to Decipher the balance sheet of the war between Russia and Ukraine with their statements.

The British Ministry of Defense said that poor tactics, limited air protection, lack of flexibility and repeated mistakes by commanders led to huge losses for Russia. Russia has lost as many soldiers in the three-month occupation of Ukraine as it has lost in the entire nine-year war in Afghanistan. The October Union’s losses in the Afghan war were recorded as about 15 thousand deaths, an additional 35,478 wounded and 311 missing.

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