Russia is Coming Back For The Great War!

Kiev,Kharkov,Chernigov and Nikolayev

Russia has been attacking Ukraine’s largest cities for weeks.
But he couldn’t get hold of any of them. As soon as the first october of the war was over, the strategic axis on the field was changed.
The main goal of the Russian army is now to seize the entire Donbas.

Donbass is the geographical name of Donetsk and Luhansk, where the Separatist Republics are located.
Before the civil war, it was all under Ukrainian control.
At the moment, most of them are in the hands of separatists.Although the Russian army continues its ground and air attacks on the Donbas, it has not yet begun its offensive.
Russian troops withdrawn from Kiev and Chernigov are being armed and deported to the Donbas.
A lot of soldiers are also being sent from Russia. Fuel, food and ammunition are also being supplied to the region.
All this is a harbinger of a more terrible war.

The Ukrainian government has issued an urgent evacuation appeal to the people of Donbas.
‘Leave the area while there is time,’ they were told. Already thousands of people have fallen on the migration route.

Having failed to achieve any of its goals in Ukraine, Russia wants decisive victory in the Donbas.
However, this will not be easy. The Donbas battle is expected to be longer and bloodier.
Because the most experienced soldiers of the Ukrainian army have gained experience on the eastern front,in the 8-year civil war.
Nato-trained soldiers are also stationed here.

So why is the Donbas important?

Russia’s primary goal is to seize the region and disconnect it from the elite troops of the Ukrainian army in the east,
he also wants to take a strong position in the negotiations by gaining territory.
Taking the Donbas will also give Russia the opportunity to block any efforts to reset the number of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.
It is believed that Russia’s plan is to maintain a permanent military presence in the Donetsk and Luhansk Separatist Republics, which it recognizes as independent.

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