Russia has suffered the biggest military loss in history! Ukraine is rapidly destroying Russian army

The losses of the Russian army are increasing day by day! Recently, an operation from the Ukrainian army took place in the city of Melitopol, where the occupying Russian army is located. It is recorded that the Russian front suffered a very large number of losses in the operation that took place, and it is said that the last time it lost this number was in the Afghanistan war. As such, the eyes were turned to Russian Leader Putin, but there was no statement from Russian Leader Putin, but it is said that the Kremlin administration continues to hold meetings and they are studying these events.

If this goes on, the heroic Ukrainian army will succeed in driving the invading Russian army out of most regions, however, they have announced that they will implement their new strategy in the regions where they have regained control, and it is observed that this issue has caused a flurry on the Russian front. What do you think about Ukraine’s operations and strategies?

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