Russia Failed! They Can Withdraw from the War

Experts say that public dissatisfaction with the war in Russia is also likely to increase. In fact, according to a striking analysis, Russia may have to stop its offensive altogether in mid-June. “The Russian people have proven in the past to be sensitive to losses suffered during wars,” said the UK Ministry of Defense, which did not give an exact figure on Russia’s losses. “As the losses inflicted in Ukraine continue to increase, they will become more pronounced, and the public’s dissatisfaction with the war and willingness to declare war may increase, ” the UK said.”, noting the growing danger in Russia.

The British Defense Minister Ben Wallace had earlier announced that about a quarter of Russia’s battalion tactical groups were ‘not effective in combat’. March February, the Ukrainian military claimed that about 28,700 Russian soldiers had been killed in the country, while Russia gives its own losses as 1,351, while this figure has not been updated since the end of March.

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