Ramzan Kadyrov was afraid of the USA and challenged the whole world! Putin is in trouble!

Ramazan Kadyrov was afraid of the USA and challenged the whole world! Ramazan Kadyrov, the commander of the Chechen Army, which continues its attacks in Ukraine as a unit of the occupying Russian army, was almost scared with the arrival of the US army in Ukraine. The Chechen commander Ramazan Kadyrov, who made statements after being scared, called the attacks in Ukraine a “jihad” and almost nonsense. Kadyrov, who said that the Chechen army will increase its attacks, also made statements about the deployment of the US military to the borders of Ukraine. The statements of Chechen Commander Ramazan Kadyrov, who also challenged the United States by saying that they could also fight American soldiers arriving at the border, were announced in the United States with the headlines “Kadyrov’s cowardice”. Chechen leader Ramazan Kadyrov, who is a puppet of Russia, claimed that they were “waging jihad” by continuing to act as Putin’s puppet. And the whole world made fun of his completely absurd claims.

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