Rain of support from China to Ukraine! Putin is in trouble!

Rain of support from China to Ukraine! Chinese government officials have announced a new aid package that will be sent to Ukraine. The Chinese government announced that it will provide financial resources worth $ 200 million for Ukraine, and in addition, arms and ammunition support will also be provided. The successful operations of the Ukrainian army against Russia have impressed many state leaders. China, which has been neutral for a long time, seems to have decided to break its neutrality now. Earlier, at a United Nations meeting, a Chinese government spokesman had said that what Vladimir Putin was doing in Ukraine was unacceptable and that it was a crime. The Chinese authorities, who said that trade relations between Russia and China may stop for a while, have not yet approved this Decisioncredit: Getty-contributor Apparently, Russia is trying to be close to Chinese government officials in order not to sever trade relations with China. What might Putin be thinking about the $200 million in support that China has sent Ukraine?

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