Putin’s Soldiers Rebelled! “Putin Left Us Alone”

Russian soldiers, who claimed to have been ‘hungry and drugged’ since the beginning of the war, have been in front of cameras and rebelled against Russian President Putin. In a video that resonates widely on social media, the company commander noted that the senior commander interpreted complaints as sabotage, and said, “What is the gain of sending your soldiers to their deaths?” he asked the question. Russia’s war against Ukraine on 24 February left 100 days behind, while Russian soldiers, who were sent to Ukraine as a ‘peacekeeping force’, were dragged into an unending conflict. Russian soldiers have been on the agenda for several months, complaining of difficulties in Ukraine, disobeying orders and leaving weapons. The world press has deciphered the Russian military voice records several times, but this time the soldiers appeared on camera at their own request and addressed Russian President Putin. In the images published in Telegram, 113 of the separatist people’s Republic of Donetsk.

The soldiers who claimed they were from the rifles rebelled against Ukraine saying they were sent to fight on the frontlines, but had been cold for months without medicine and food. The company commander, who said his soldiers were not provided with proper equipment and medical care, claimed that men with chronic diseases, who should not be drafted in any way, were thrown into the middle of the war. In a video that spreads rapidly on social media, the commander said, “113. 5 of the rifles. The infantry battalion was on the front line in the Herson region of Ukraine. At the time, the staff had overcome cold and hunger and for a significant period of time we were able to fight without financial support, medical supplies or food.” you can hear him.

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