Putin’s Self-Preservation Tactic Has Been Deciphered! These Details Are Talked About a Lot

Vladimir Putin’s protection tactic has been deciphered! Vladimir’s guards! As well as by the Russian press. According to the Russian Government-owned Russia Beyond, it has become clear how the Russian Dictator Putin is protected. This tactic is called the 4 ring tactic! As soon as the guards are on guard duty on their trips abroad, they are organized into four rings. In the first ring are the personal bodyguards of the closest to Vladimir Putin.

The second ring is made up of guards who blend in with the public by Decking themselves out. The third ring closes the crowds. It is surrounded by crowds, preventing foreigners from entering the area. They do not take people they suspect into the fields and detain them if necessary. The last ring, that is, the fourth ring, consists of snipers who take up positions on nearby buildings. Wherever the dictator goes, these bodyguards also go there.

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