Putin’s Lies to His Own People Have Been Revealed! The Russian People Are Shaken by These Facts

Liar Vladimir Putin! Vladimir Putin, who says at his rallies that he won the war, is lying one lie after another! The last time Vladimir Putin spoke at the doctrine ceremony in St. Petersburg, he made statements that he won the war there, but his lies continue to be revealed! His people don’t believe in him anymore! A protest was launched on Twitter with the label liar Putin! Vladimir Putin is trying to withstand the protests, but his throne is shaking!

People are tweeting like this, “He’s a liar. How can we win when Ukraine says it has killed 40,000 of our soldiers?” We should not believe the lying Putin, the Lying Putin! There’s not a single thing he’s telling the truth about! We’re not idiots! People are also rebelling in Moscow by throwing tweets in their form. In the news we gave recently, we said that the soldiers and their families were also rioting. Even normal Russian citizens can no longer tolerate Vladimir Putin. The protests against his dictatorship keep coming!

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