Putin’s Lie Has Been Revealed! The Russians are Crazy!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.Ukraine is He is fighting heroically against Russia.After the Russian invasion of Ukraine the launched mutual information war is also ongoing.From time to time from both sides while very interesting allegations are being made; the recent surrender is crazy. 3 With his previous publications. The one who started World War II, who hit London, who killed Europe Rossiya 1 television, which threatens nuclear destruction, has another new oddity.

Olga Skabeyeva, experienced presenter of the Russian state television Rossiya 1, in Ukraine he claimed that they dropped 1,000 Bayraktar TB2s during the occupation.However, Bayraktar Even Turkey, the manufacturer of TB2 S/UAVs, does not have that many Bayraktar in its inventory. According to the information contained in open sources; there are 128 Bayraktar TB2 in the inventory. Of these, 110 appear in the TAF, 12 in the Gendarmerie, and 6 in the General Directorate of Security.

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