Putin’s Army May Withdraw! The Plan of the Great Coup from Ukraine to Russia!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. The importance of unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing day by day as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. The war, in which unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used, has now taken on a different dimension. Both countries are trying to expand the fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles around the world many people from all over the world are coming together to help Ukraine Dec this. People are handing over their own drones to the Ukrainian army In order to help Ukraine in the war, many people send the vehicles they use individually to the Ukrainian army. Ukraine has also launched a campaign to get more TB2 SIHA’s.

Ukraine announced that with the money raised, they were able to purchase 2 military UAVs. It is also noted that dozens of small drones have been sent to the country around the world. Drones used for hobby and commercial purposes have already proven their effectiveness on the battlefield. Even the smallest unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of collecting data in the field, detecting the location of enemy troops and directing artillery fire it is being used for. With such drones, air intelligence can be provided on all fronts. The information collected is shared with the upper echelons as soon as possible.

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