Putin’s Army continues to be defeated! Ukraine announced the big victory

The successful advance of the heroic Ukrainian army continues! The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has officially announced that the occupying Russia has been expelled from the village of Davydiv Brid! It was announced that the Thirty-Fifth Marine Infantry Brigade had saved the village of Davydiv Brid from invasion by planting a Ukrainian flag. The ministry announced that “the holy Ukrainian flag is flying over the village of Davydiv Brid again!” along with the message, he shared images of Ukrainian soldiers walking through the village.The advance of Ukrainian troops in this region is also expected to force the Russians to retreat. Although the city of Kherson, the capital of the region, is still under the control of Russian forces, it seems that they are having difficulty holding on to the region north of the Dnieper River.Ukrainian forces had been targeting Russian supply lines in the Kherson region in recent weeks and had destroyed some bridges over the Dnieper River. The advance of the Ukrainian army continues

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