Putin’s Agent Was Caught Trying to Enter Europe!

The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service is trying to break into the International Criminal Court, which was established to investigate war crimes in Ukraine he announces that he has captured a Russian agent. According to a statement from the AIVD, “a Russian intelligence agent with fake identities from Brazil his official blocked the entrance to the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” the statement said.

Announcing the incident that took place in April 2022, the Dutch Intelligence Service said that the Russian agent used a Brazilian ID, ID it was stated that the name is Viktor Muller Ferreira, but his real name is Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov. The head of the Dutch Intelligence Agency, Erik Akerboom, stressed that he entered the International Criminal Court on the grounds of an internship, “This clearly shows us what the Russians are up to by trying to illegally access information at the UCM,” he said. Information was shared by the AIVD that the Russian agent Cherkasov worked for the Russian intelligence GRU. On the other hand, Cherkasov had been declared an undesirable person by the Netherlands.

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