Putin will be very Angry at this Situation! Putin’s Envoy Had to Leave the Hall

Speaking at the Ukrainian session of the UN Security Council, the President of the Council of the European Union Charles Michel Russia’s accusations against Moscow over the Ukraine war are in the hall of the United Nations He drove his permanent representative Vassily Nebenzia crazy.The Russian Ambassador left the hall. Speaking at the Ukrainian session of the United Nations Security Council, Michel, He accused Russia of causing the global food crisis with its war against Ukraine. Michel said: “The war started by Russia is affecting the whole world, food prices are rising, the war is driving people into poverty and destabilizing regions.” said.

The food crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine referring to Michel, “Only and only Russia is responsible for this upcoming food crisis., “he said. Russian ambassador Nebenzia,Michel’s accusations against Russia continue then he left the hall without listening. Charles, as the Russian Ambassador was leaving the hall, said, “You may leave the hall. Maybe it’s easier for you, Ambassador, not to hear the truth.” he used the expression.

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