Putin was Helpless! Ukraine has hit the Command Center of the Invading Russia

A bombshell statement has been raised from Kiev about the war in Ukraine. Ukraine says Russia shot down Izyum command center, he announced that over 200 soldiers were killed in the attack. Russian President Vladimir The war, which began on February 24 on Putin’s orders, is in full swing. Despite the siege that targeted Kiev from the first days of the war, but lasted for weeks, the city unable to lower it, Russia turned its target to the east. Putin’s Chief of the Russian General Staff Valeri Gerasimov, who still has not achieved great success in the war, which left two months left he found it in sending it to the region. According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the battle is on the forward front Gerasimov, who led from the headquarters in Izyum, was the target of a Ukrainian attack. According to the same news, more than 200 soldiers were killed in the attack on the headquarters. Gerasimov, on the other hand, was injured. The newspaper based its story on statements by Ukrainian officials.

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