Putin was fooled! Great loss in the Russian army!

The Russian army, trying to take over the city of Severodonetsk, east of Ukraine, is trying to declare victory. Experts say it is far from a victory, Putin is being deceived. Russia is preparing to hand out Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens. The deceived Putin expects the capture of Severodonetsk to be believed to be a great victory for Russia. Moscow seems close to taking over the eastern city of Ukraine, but the price of this little piece of land has been too much death and loss. It’s common for the city of Severodonetsk to fall into the hands of Russian forces in the coming days.

But while Russia is prepared to show it as a victory, experts say it will be a defeat-wrapped victory and it is for the purpose of painting. His failure to enter Kiev in the early hours of the war and the soon-after removal of Moscow troops from the country’s north forced the Kremlin to reconsider. Vladimir Putin slowly, almost reluctantly directed the Russian army toward Donbass.

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