Putin Was Disgraced To The Whole World! “He’s a Paranoid”

A new diagnosis for Vladimir Putin! He’s a paranoid! He pushed everyone around him away. Mark Galeotti reportedly claims that he is paranoid about Vladimir Putin. “Putin lives in isolation from everyone. The number of people around him has decreased enormously,” he said. Out of fear, he called the old attendants back! His paranoid actions after the attack on Ukraine do not stop! “He no longer travels around the country and rarely attends events.

Among the few people with whom Putin can establish a personal relationship, there are security guards,” Galeotti said, which is one of the reasons behind the appointment of such former Decoy guards as Viktor Zolotov to high-level posts. Some intelligence experts say that excessive security measures around Putin can be explained by “paranoia”. According to some, Putin, judging by his experience in the KGB, knows how important his own security is. Regardless, the circle of protection around Putin is also increasing, as is the isolation of the Russian president from day to day, and this, according to Galeotti, shows that things are being done exactly as Putin wants them to be done in the Kremlin.

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