Putin Threatened Those Countries! The World Can Take Action!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.Sanctions is increasing with each passing day.Russia is he started talking hard.Aleksey Zaitsev, deputy spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, made statements about the agenda. Aleksey Zaitsev has threatened that his country will retaliate to any threats from Sweden and Finland, which are on their way to becoming NATO members. “As we prepare to join NATO, Helsinki and Stockholm should understand the consequences this could have,” Zaitsev said. Russia will inevitably respond to any measures that the Nordic countries may take to pose a threat to it,” he said.

Aleksey Zaitsev noted that the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO is “a step towards the escalation of political and military tensions in Europe he warned that it would be “closer” and would “aggravate things for the Baltic and Arctic regions”. “It will be mandatory for Finland and Sweden to follow the directives from Brussels, or rather, from Washington,” Zaitsev said. Zaitsev also added that the potential for peaceful cooperation in the Nordic region is “quite low”.

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