Putin Threatened the EU! Stunning Descriptions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the sanctions imposed by the European Union on his country. Addressing the issue of Ukraine, Putin called the sanctions economic suicide. Putin said at the conference that Russia has launched military operations in Ukraine, he argued that it was the result of the policies that western countries were pursuing against them. The Russian leader said that in connection with the operation launched in Ukraine, European countries he blamed the United States for the oil and gas embargoes it imposed on his country.

Regarding the sanctions of the European Union on oil and gas fields, Putin said: ‘Sanctions imposed by European countries on oil and gas markets for purely political reasons, it led to a shortage of some petroleum products. Such economic suicide to the detriment of Europe is an internal matter of Europe. Russia should act in its own interests,’ he said. The European Union plans to ban all oil imports from Russia by the end of this year, and his big bank is planning to remove the cyber bench from its system.

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