Putin Should Be Ashamed! Russian Soldiers Did This in Ukraine!

Russian forces also went after the cultural heritage of Ukraine. more than 250 Ukrainian cultural institutions were either destroyed or looted. The Russian army finally stole Scythian gold of great importance to Ukrainians from a museum in Melitopol While the war between Russia and Ukraine was Dec, Russian forces stole scythian gold from a museum in Melitopol. The robbery began when a mysterious man in a white lab coat came to the museum. A group of Russian soldiers stood behind him with their weapons, eagerly watching what was happening. Ukrainian officials said that in the cellar of a museum in the Russian-occupied southern town of Melitopol, the man in the white coat, using long tweezers and special gloves, took from cardboard boxes a large number of special gold artifacts with a history of more than 2,300 years. Then the mysterious expert and the Russian soldiers and the gold disappeared. The gold items were from the Scythian Empire and date back to 4 BC. it dated back to the XVIII century. Historians have said that the looting of artifacts in Melitopol was an even more terrible attempt to take possession of, and perhaps destroy, the cultural heritage of Ukraine. Oleksandr Symonenko, a member of the Ukrainian Archaeological Institute and a Scythian expert, said: “The Russians are fighting without rules. This is not a war. They are destroying our lives, our nature, our culture, our industry, everything. This is a crime,” he said.

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