Putin Pulled Rest! The Threat That Fears the World

The war in Ukraine continues at full speed. The Russian forces, who captured Mariupol, also took over the other cities in the east of the country. While the West, especially the USA, continues to provide weapons to Ukraine, Russian President Putin made statements that fell like a bomb on the agenda. Putin, if the West supplies long-range missiles to Ukraine He said Moscow will hit new targets.

In his statement, Putin made the following statement: ‘We will draw the appropriate conclusions and put our weapons on targets we have not shot before. We’ll use it to hit.’ The Russian President also stated that new arms deliveries to Kiev were aimed at “prolonging the conflict”. Minutes after Putin’s warning, Moscow Eastern European countries arranged the tanks supplied to Ukraine to Kiev He said he destroyed it in airstrikes. Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov, ‘High precision, fired by the Russian Air Force on the outskirts of Kiev, long-range missiles, T-72 tanks supplied by Eastern European countries, and destroyed the other armored vehicles in the hangars,’ he said.

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