Putin made a terrible move in Ukraine

Russia has made a new move in its invasion of Ukraine.

After that, there will be 1 commander at the head of the soldiers in the field. The deficiency was filled with 1 experienced name. Russian general Aleksandr Dvornikov, who helped change the course of the Syrian war, was put at the head of the Russian forces in Ukraine.

BBC channels and CNN international brought up the news. While the Kremlin palace and the Russian Defense ministry remained silent, the senior American official confirmed the appointment. the 60-year-old Russian general Aleksander Dvornikov was trained according to the Soviet military doctrine, which considers the destruction of civilian targets as a way to gain momentum on the battlefield. He is described as a blood and soil nationalist. He took part in every 2 wars in Chechnya. In September 2015, he was deployed by Putin in Syria to strengthen the position of Assad’s forces and fulfilled his mission. With the attacks he led, he turned the tide of the war in Assad’s favor.

However, he is held responsible for the violent actions of the soldiers under his command against the civilian population.

Syrian opponents say the Russian general is a war criminal. Dvornikov will now lead the second and main stage of the operation to invade Ukraine, the main goal of which is the seizure of the entire Donbas. But American officials are skeptical that a single man can make a big difference on the field. White House national Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said that no matter which general is appointed, this cannot eliminate the fact that Russia is facing strategic failure in Ukraine.

White House spokesman Jens Psakide said that the appointment of the 1st general in charge of the atrocities committed in Syria to head the Russian forces in Ukraine shows that the massacres will continue. The United States has announced that it will continue to provide weapons support to Ukraine.

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