Putin is withdrawing his army! The US Army has arrived in that area!

The US army has been deployed to Romania! The US military is approaching Europe to prevent the attacks of the invading Russia. First, a unit was sent to Ukraine, and then, with the order from Joe Biden, the US army was deployed to Romania. The US military, which continues its work to defend itself against the possibility of an invasion by invading Russia, is waiting at points close to Ukraine. Joe Biden, who took a quick decision in response to the threats of invading Russia, sent this military team to Ukraine with an urgent decision. This unit was registered as the US army, which went to Europe for the first time in 80 years. According to CBS News, the US military, which was sent to the region to respond to any invading Russian attack, continues its exercises by being in that area for defense. He is being trained to respond instantly to any attack. Do you think the invading Russia will carry out an attack?

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