Putin is taking a step back! An emergency aid program will be launched for Ukraine!

An emergency aid program will be launched for Ukraine! After the statements of Ukraine’s Minister of Community and Regional Development Oleksiy Chernyshov, the whole world will come Decisively together for Ukraine. Oleksiy Chernyshov, who made statements about Ukraine after the International Conference of Experts on the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernization of Ukraine, held in the German Capital Berlin, said that 4 billion euros are needed. Ukraine, which expects the invading Russia to cause an energy crisis all over the world, said that preparations should be made for this. All the countries at the conference said that they were aware of the situation and that everything necessary would be done to provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine. In addition, it was promised that weapons and ammunition aid against the invading Russia would be delivered to Ukraine. It was emphasized that the necessary plans for the 4 billion euro aid should be made and the aid should be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible.

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