Putin is losing close friends! Great mourning in Russia!

Vladimir Putin has lost another commander! Russian general Major General Andrei Kolesnikov, commander of the Twenty-Ninth Army, was killed in the Mariupol region of Ukraine. The President of the occupying Russia, who has lost many commanders since February 24, was almost shaken by the news from Mariupol. With the decisions taken by the heroic Ukrainian army, the occupying Russia continues to lose the war. The invading Russian army, unable to oppose the operations carried out by the Ukrainian army, continues to lose its most critical commanders. The commander crisis that Vladimir Putin has experienced in recent days is increasing. Unable to manage his recruits in the war, the occupying Russian President Vladimir Putin had tried to prevent this problem by appointing Sergey Surovikin to the region. With the murder of the twenty-ninth army commander Andrei Kolesnikov in Mariupol, Putin was literally shocked.

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