Putin Is Experiencing the Shock of His Life! Russian Soldiers Are Fleeing

As the war Dec Russia and Ukraine continues, news of soldiers who have not wanted to fight since the first days when the fighting began continues to be reflected in the press. Growing up and that they found some unrest in the Russian army soldiers with the help of technical materials… and when they refused to go to the front to fight arose early in the month of April, the soldiers of an elite brigade of the Russian army were told to prepare for a second deployment to Ukraine when fear among the soldiers erupted. The unit, which was stationed in the far east of Russia in peacetime, had first entered Ukraine from Belarus at the beginning of the war at the end of February and had experienced fierce clashes with Ukrainian forces.

A Russian soldier, who did not disclose his real name and called himself simply Dmitri, said: “It soon became clear that not everyone agrees and does not want to implement the order. Most of us didn’t want to go back,” he said, adding the following striking words: “I want to go back to my family, but not in a coffin.” Dmitri, along with eight friends, told his commanders that he refused to rejoin the occupation. The Young Soldier said: “They were furious. But since there was not much they could do, they finally calmed down,” he summed up.

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