Putin Is Embalm Himself!

It has been suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who constantly receives reports that he has cancer and Parkinson’s disease, is also ‘hypochondriac’ (Sick with the disease) this time. The British professor behind the claim said the Russian leader had ’embalmed himself while he was alive’ by administering excessive botox. Although the Kremlin has persistently denied speculation about the health status of the Russian leader, the theory that Putin is suffering from a number of diseases and his health is deteriorating is increasingly gaining validity in the West.

King’s College London Professor Clarke, noting that Putin was ill, he didn’t see any evidence to prove conclusively that Russian leaders ‘ not sick ‘hipokondriyak’ (hypochondriac) of the Russian leader said that he got the age of 70 on October 7 remarkable that we are going to Clarke, arguing that Putin has had too much Botox “Botox’s been known to use a very intense way. I have always said that Putin embalmed himself while he was alive,” he said. The Kremlin had previously denied Putin’s claims about the use of botox and suggested that the bruises allegedly caused by botox were related to light. “It’s probably about the fall of the light, the President is tired,” a Kremlin spokesman said in a statement.

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