Putin is cornered! France has raised Ukraine to its feet!

Recently, we made a video showing a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and at the end of this meeting, Emmanuel Macron’s statements that mean “ France is ready to provide all kinds of support to the Ukaryna”. Today, despite the fact that not too long has passed since the bilateral meeting, the Ukrainian Army allegedly requested support from France in terms of military ammunition. In particular, the outnumbering of Russian warplanes compared to Ukrainian warplanes revealed the need for air defense systems in the Ukrainian Army.

To address this need, France allegedly plans to send SAMP-T air defense systems to Ukraine. So what is this Samp-T? If we look at its features, the SAMP_T air defense system consists of an Arabel Radar unit, an engagement module and 6 vertical launch launcher modules. There are 8 missiles in each vertical launch launcher module and all missiles can be fired within 10 seconds. What do you think about the fact that Ukraine has this ammunition?

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