Putin is challenged! It has dealt a blow to the hopes of peace!

RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR Putin is challenged! It has dealt a blow to the hopes of peace! Putin once again defied, striking a blow to the prospects for peace.

The President of Russia spoke on Cosmonaut’s day at the award ceremony held at the space base. He gave clear messages on the 48th day of the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s speech ‘We are protecting Russia, we had no choice,’ he began with the words. Saying that military operations will last until they are successful, ‘we have no doubt that we will achieve our goals,’ he said. The Russian leader also said that the operation was successful, contrary to western claims. ‘Our forces are acting boldly and efficiently in Ukraine,’ he said. In his speech,

Putin also cited the sanctions of western countries. He drew attention to the fact that in the modern world no one can be rigidly isolated. ‘We’re not going to isolate ourselves. We will work with our partners who want to interact,’he said.

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