Putin has Stepped Back! Russia could not withstand the pressure and fulfilled the request of Ukraine

We announce a Last-Minute development, Russia could not withstand the pressure and released the officers of Ukraine! 32 Heroic Ukrainian soldiers were released. The Office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Yermak made new statements and published gratifying news for Ukrainian citizens. 32 Ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner by the occupying Russia were released as a result of intense pressure from the United States and Europe. Most countries had issued statements in a row, making statements that Russia had violated the rules of international law. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, could no longer withstand the pressures and released the Hero soldiers who were taken prisoner. Yermak said, “A new prisoner swap was made today. we managed to get back 32 of our fighters and the body of the Israeli Dmytro Fialka. Among those Decapitated are officers, sergeants and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All of them were in places of violent clashes. All of these people were considered missing,”he said.

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