Putin Has Started Firing His Generals! Russia Is Collapsing

After the beginning of the occupation on February 24, thousands of Russian soldiers lost their lives and major losses, as well as failures since then, Russian President Vladimir Putin has scaled down his goals in the war, which are considered unsustainable, unrealistic and unwinnable. Although Russian military officials are beginning to realize that they are increasingly moving away from winning the war, Putin is still determined to control everything from the Donbas region of Ukraine to the western port city of Odessa and Transnistria, a breakaway republic in neighboring Moldova. Estonians have long predicted that even before the invasion, Russia would face significant resistance from the Ukrainians.

According to the latest Pentagon assessment, some of its senior commanders were dismissed as the war accelerated and Russia’s gains progressed unevenly. Among them, according to the British Ministry of Defense, 1. Dec. There is also Lieutenant General Serhiy Kisel, who headed the unsuccessful efforts of the Guards Tank Army to seize the northeastern city of Kharkov, and Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, who was the commander of the Black Sea fleet when Russia’s Ukrainian forces sank the flagship Moskva.

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