Putin Has Ordered a Retreat! The Russian Government Questions This Decision

Putin’s troops are retreating! Statement from the Ukrainian General Staff! The footage has officially been released. Ukraine 93. The Mechanized Brigade demonstrated unprecedented Russian armor losses in the East. A destroyed BMP-3 and a damaged/abandoned BMP-2 model tank. The Russian military launched invasion attacks on Ukraine on February 24, following an order from Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin. For the Russian soldier who took the lead in the war by making completely uncontrolled attacks on the innocent Ukrainian soldier in the first days of the war, the situation is exactly the opposite now.

Now Ukraine is the party leading the war. Information from war analysts also shows this, and Vladimir Putin is almost looking for a hole to escape from. He messes things up even more by trying to “Command” on behalf of his soldiers. And again, as you can see, his soldiers escaped by dropping their weapons. Two more tanks were found abandoned. The Ukrainian military continues to fight to its last strength.

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