Putin Has Not Kept His Promise! Dirty Plans Have Been Deciphered

Putin Has Not Kept His Promise! Dirty Plans Have Been Deciphered RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR This is the Azovstal Iron and Steel plant, which was blockaded as the last square of resistance against the Russian occupation in Mariupol, bloody clashes are taking place at the plant, there are Ukrainian soldiers and civilians inside. it is stated that Russian forces who infiltrated the factory 4 days ago went on the offensive. According to Ukraine, the press and the America-based institute for war studies, the invading Russian forces are advancing inside the facility may be. Russian President Vladimir Putin had canceled plans to attack the Azovstal plant on April 21. Instead, he wanted the facility to be surrounded and not allowed to leave even a fly from inside. A temporary ceasefire was declared over the weekend and evacuations began for the first time from the city of Azov.

However, the humanitarian break Dec the war was short-lived. Putin has not kept his word. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian soldiers are attacking the factory. Airborne support is also provided for operations. The goal is to take control of the last point of resistance. Ninety percent of the residential infrastructure in Mariupol is destroyed under fire every day. The city turned into a huge ruin. The humanitarian tragedy is being endured every day. Civilians who want to leave Mariupol are not allowed. The civilians who took refuge in the Azovstal factory had little food and water left. The United Nations is working hard to save them all. Russia is ready to provide safe passage for civilians on one condition. Azov wants the Ukrainian soldiers in the city to lay down their weapons, but his request is not accepted. Putin’s eye, which has not been able to give the Russian people a tangible victory in the war that has been going on in Ukraine for 2 months, is on May 9 According to the forecast of the Ukrainian military, Putin, On May 9, that is, the Soviet Union against nazi Germany he wants to declare full control in Mariupol on the anniversary of his victory.

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