Putin Has Lost His Top Soldier! Russia Continues to Lose!

Alarm bells have started ringing for Russian leader Vladimir Putin.It was announced that Putin’s 60th senior staff member, who had lost a large number of his senior soldiers since the war began, had also died.According to information from social media, Lieutenant General Denis Mezhuev died in the war… Sevastopol Red Banner 1.

Moscow has not yet confirmed the death of Mezhuev, who led the Motorized Infantry Corps. But the Russian poet and composer Andrey Kovalev announced the news of Mezhuev’s death. Kovalev said that Mezhuev should be given an engagement.Although Ukraine announced that Putin had killed 7 generals in the war that began at the end of February, it is estimated that Russia also killed 33 soldiers who served as lieutenant colonels or colonels. Russian authorities have confirmed the death of only 1 of them. Since the beginning of the war, according to Ukrainian officials, more than 40 thousand Russian soldiers have lost their lives.

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