Putin has declared a State of Emergency in Russia! Citizens’ vehicles are being confiscated!

It is alleged that the pickup and jeep vehicles of the Russian people are being confiscated by the Russian army. Russia has lost a large number of military vehicles during the war and cannot replace them with new military vehicles, it is experiencing great problems in the production of military vehicles as a result of both the economic crisis experienced by Russia and the imposition of embargoes by other countries. To cover the lack of Russian military vehicles and Jeep pickup model vehicles owned by the Russian people claimed to have seized, impounded vehicles modified by the Russian engineer operation by applying the process to be ready for battle after a military vehicle is alleged to have converted and modified.

It is said that the confiscated car owners were not paid any money in exchange for the car and that the vehicles were forcibly confiscated without their permission. As a result of the spread of this claim in Russia, a news ban has been imposed on the issue, preventing the Russian public from knowing about it. If you were in the place of the Russian people, would you create problems in the seizure of your vehicles by the state?

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