Putin Dismissed His Commander! Russian Soldiers Begin Preparations for Mutiny

Vladimir Putin has dismissed another commander! Vladimir Putin’s failed post-war advance into Ukraine continues. In recent days, along with the wonderful operations of the Ukrainian army, Russia’s assistance has decreased almost to zero. The Heroic Ukrainian army, which constantly carries out operations on the convoys of the invading Russian army, thus ensures that no aid goes to the invading Russians at the front. The invading Russia, which began to have very big problems from a logistical point of view, dismissed its commander. Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, responsible for logistics, and appointed Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev as the head of the National Defense Management Center in his place. It was reported that Bulgakov would serve in other units. Mikhail Mizintsev had attracted attention as the name that appeared on the screens and explained Russia’s attacks on Ukraine to the press.

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