Putin Did Not Pity His Own Officers: 150 Russian officers were jailed!

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is at war with Ukraine, has almost committed a massacre in the intelligence service.

According to the information, Putin has imprisoned 150 soldiers, including high-ranking officials, for “leaking information,” according to the Dec. The Kremlin has been shown to have imprisoned senior figures, including colonel-general Sergei Beseda, before the attacks in the Donbas, and to have “leaked information” as a justification for this. dec.

Beseda, who heads the FSB’s foreign intelligence division, the KGB’s successor national intelligence service, was transferred to Lefortovo from Moscow’s maximum security prisons, it said. Beseda was placed under house arrest some time ago.

It was noted that Putin, along with Beseda, also dismissed 150 officials. It has also been suggested that Putin places the responsibility for the slow progress of the war on these names. The 68-year-old Beseda is being investigated for alleged corruption, while a report on the investigative journalism platform Bellingcat said Putin had accused Beseda of leaking information to the West.

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