Putin continues his Treacherous Attacks! Heroic Ukrainian Soldiers Resist

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the Russian forces are moving to Syevyerodonetsk, one of the last strongholds of Ukraine, in Luhansk he said that he launched an intense artillery bombardment. Moscow and its supporters, Luhansk and the Donbas region He recognizes the Donetsk provinces as independent states formed by the separatists. The cities of Lisichansk on the opposite bank of the river Syevyerodonetsk and Siverskiy Donets, Russia has been trying to overcome it since mid-April after it failed to capture the capital Kiev and it forms the eastern part of a territory controlled by Ukraine.

The Ukrainian general staff reported that Moscow launched an offensive on Syevyerodonetsk, but suffered losses, and he reported that he was forced to retreat along the front line. Despite losing positions elsewhere in recent weeks, Russian forces have advanced on the Luhansk front. Some military analysts claim that the pro-Russian separatists seized all the territories claimed by there is an opinion that Russia is pushing for scaled-down combat targets in order to pass it.

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